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Quench your thirst. Dissolve. Take shelter from the storm. Leave behind obligation and productivity--invoke indulgence in its stead. Say yes to comfort, play, and all the earthly pleasures you deserve.

Call me Aralia.  A double edged sword in the keenest sense...I revel in the soft and sensuous as well as indulging in more devious planes of desire.  If you relish exploration and creativity, and are seeking a companion who can match your wit--you've come to the right place. I bring you poise with a sense of adventure, delectable diversion from the daily grind. Naturally-groomed and grounded--I've been told I radiate magic, warmth, and something artist and enchantress specializing in indulgence. You deserve to leave no fantasy unfulfilled. To be stunned by tenderness and versatility. Let's make some mischief together, shall we?

I value meeting those I genuinely resonate with, and hope to create an open and judgement-free environment for you to comfortably explore your desires. A night on the town or a quietly trading secrets by the fire will both woo me equally! I do possess a taste for the finer things in life, but am a punk babe at heart. While I often comport myself with quiet poise, I am unapologetically bold and unafraid to speak my mind.  If you're looking for someone subdued and meek, you're out of luck!

As a trained herbalist and healer, I take my well-being and others' very seriously, and love to extend this knowledge to anyone in my company. Feel free to ask me questions! In my free time I can be found soaking up sun in the garden, drawing, cooking multi-course meals, and generally getting up to no good.


I stand 5' 8" and slim, with icy blue eyes and a collection of tattoos and subtle piercings that accentuate my fierce features.  My body is my own domain, and while I shave my legs for optimal tattoo viewing, other regions are left unshaven to grow to their full natural beauty. 

Where can you find me? I'm an independent escort and kinky companion based in Southern AZ. That said, my undying wanderlust brings me to new cities regularly. Tour dates appear on my website when applicable, but tempt me enough with a Fly-Me-To-You proposal and I'll be at your door!  I am available for outcalls as well as incalls.


I aim to be inclusive and accessible to all! I do not discriminate based on gender, orientation, body size, disability, national origin, religion, or race!  Not only do I not discriminate, but I am genuinely excited to have clients of all identities and backgrounds.  I am committed to making sessions accessible to everyone, so please don't hesitate inform me of any specific accommodations you may need!



Let your troubles melt away. Classic or kinky, I'll be sure to stun you with my tenderness and versatility.

Up to 1 hour—600

90 minutes—800        

2 hours—1,000

2.5 hours—1,200

3 hours—1,400

3.5 hours—1,600

4 hours—1,800



Whether it's out for a fancy dinner and live entertainment or just watching the sun set, I'd love to be your companion of choice. Maybe you have a boring work engagement, or perhaps you simply relish the naughty thrill of being seen in public together? Dress up or dress down, I'm always ready for a fun time!



These sessions allow us to truly get to know each other...Let's delight in all the pleasures our hearts desire without fear for running out of time! Note that these dates must include at least 6 hours of beauty rest per night regardless of how much we may be hitting it off.


Overnight (12 hours)—3,000                                

Overnight plus leisurely breakfast—3,800              

Weekend getaway—8,000                                


The more the merrier! I'm proudly pansexual and adore working with couples who want to spice things up. I delight in providing a satisfying encounter for you and your significant other, whether the two of you are experienced with group play and hungry for more, or looking for an eye-opening first encounter. I prefer for these sessions to be longer blocks so that we have time to get to know one another and explore the desires of all involved to the fullest.

Additional 350/hr



There's nothing I love more than bringing a friend along to play with for a little extra fun! I have a lovely and multi-talented circle of companions who are available with prior arrangement.

Rates depend on the specific duo partner and their stated rates, but are always equal to mine + theirs unless it is a special offer I've advertised. Please inquire about specific duo partner preferences and I can send along a complete list! Or peep the "Friends" page for a preview.

Fly Me To You and Travel Dates

Not touring your city anytime soon? Don't worry, I'm travel-ready! I even offer special FMTY packages for cities that are within a hop, skip, and a jump! Please know these arrangements require all travel and lodging paid up front as well as a non-refundable 25% deposit. I will only consider fly me to you bookings for dates of 4 hrs and longer, with a special exception to Southwest and West Coast cities (2 hr date minimum). Please inquire via email to discuss specific details.

Clips and custom video content

Click here for clips available for purchase on my ManyVids!

I also offer custom video and photo content. Please shoot me an email to inquire about rates/themes.

*please note that all rates are for time and companionship only*



Alexa Eason


TS Lily Black


Silvia Solonas


Aisling Murrow


New England

Sage Greene


Chanelle Cheri


Veronica Violet


Bettie Brunetti


Vaughn Wolff




Pigmentert behandling

Pigmentert innvendig panel er en overflatebehandling som består av et strøk grunning med kvistlakk og et strøk lakk med hvitpigment. Tørking og pussing mellom strøkene. 5% hvit pigment i toppstrøket er mest normalt, andre mengder hvitpigment kan leveres etter avtale. Pigmentert panel er et ferdig behandlet produkt.

Malt behandling

Malte paneler er en overflatebehandling som består av et strøk grunning med kvistisolerende produkt, og et dekkende mellomstrøk. Panelet tørkes og pusses mellom strøkene. Treets naturlige struktur vil være synlig. Malte paneler med denne behandlingen er ikke å betrakte som et ferdig malt produkt. Da materialene er nedtørket til 10-12% fuktighet, gjelder furu, vil det forekomme mindre sprekker som ikke fylles helt med maling med 2 strøk behandling, derfor anbefaler vi de som ikke aksepterer dette, et 3. strøk etter montering. Vår std farge på alle behandlinger er med hvit farge S- 0502 – Y. Andre farger med grunnlag i NCS kode kan leveres mot et pristillegg. Alle våre produkter er en vannbasert behandling.

Beiset behandling

Beiset panell er normalt en 1 strøks behandling. Her er det ingen kvistlakk beskyttelse. 2 strøks behandling vil gi en mer dekkende farge. Beiset panel kan leveres i flere farger og er et ferdig produkt etter 1 strøks behandling. Furu anbefales som grunnlag for overflatebehandling av paneler da denne gir en glatter overflate på ferdiproduktet. Furu er nedtørket til 10-12% fuktighet og gir derfor en vesentlig mindre krymping enn gran som har en fuktighet på 14 -16%. Krymping etter montering vil også være vesentlig mindre, enn for gran som er nedtørket til 15-16% fuktighet.


Kvistgulning, eller harpiks gjennomslag, er et problem som kan oppstå på malt furu. Det er ingen malings leverandører som kan gi 100% garanti mot kvistgulning. Vår grunnbehandling med kvistlakk er testet ut i bl.a. møbel industrien med gode resultater.


I look forward to meeting! Note that I do not talk over the phone for security and personal reasons, unless it is a paid arrangement. Please be in touch by email or the booking form below, and include all screening info in your initial contact (see F.A.Q. for a description of what screening methods I accept).





NYC...................................December 9-12

San Diego...........................January 21-22

Bay Area............................January 23-26

LA......................................January 27-28

Chicago..............................June (dates TBD)




Delivery code (please note that this wishlist site is quite unreliable with processing orders quickly, gift cards below or in person gifts are preferred!)




Good Vibrations



Agent Provacateur

Edge O'beyond

La Perla

Coco de Mer


Dark chocolate, smoked salmon, goat cheese, green tea, gin, mezcal, herbal mead, honey, fresh berries 


Bouquets--Roses, peonies, lillies, tulips, gladiolas

House plants--orchids, ferns, succulents